The fascinating story and exceptional ensemble of Prakash’s next Telugu film “Yevam” are making waves. The principal actress in the film is none other than Chandini Chowdary, a rising star from YouTube shorts. The talented actors Vashishta Simha, Bharat Raj, and the exuberant Bigg Boss star Ashu Reddy are joining her. With each promotional release, “Yevam,” which is produced by Navdeep and Pavan Goparaju, has received favorable feedback.

Now at last, the wait is over! The official global theatrical release date of “Yevam” is set for June 14th, according to the makers. As the editor, Sujana Addusumilli assumes leadership, and Raju Penmetsa acts as executive producer.

After winning over fans with her performances in Telugu movies such as “Color Photo,” “Sammathame,” and “Howrah Bridge,” Chandini Chowdary is set to win over audiences once more. In addition to her extensive resume in Tamil films, such as “Sabha Nayagan,” she most recently demonstrated her acting prowess in Vishwak Sen’s “Gaami,” as Dr. Jahnavi. She’s now primed to shine in ‘Yevam.’

interesting issues were covered in “Gaami,” which is now available to view on G5. The narrative follows Shankar, a 36-year-old, as he looks for unique Mali paperwork. Unusual ideas and dreams follow him on his travels. A young man who is confined in a laboratory and is frantically trying to escape is encountered by Uma, a Devadasi villager, in the meanwhile. After watching the movie, audiences are left wondering how these characters are related to Shankar’s situation. Is a solution found by him?

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