Hoodz9 is originally from Eritrea and grew up in Kenya before moving from Africa to Canada. Hoodz9 grew up as a teen in the Toronto, Ontario area of Canada and was heavily influenced by the local music scene.

Although Hoodz9 has faced many troubles he has been triumphant in his persuit of music. In a few short years Hoodz9 has worked with Tory Lanez, Why-G, Yung Tory and the recently departed Houdini.

We got a chance to have a quick chat with music executive Ivan Albery Powell to get some more information.

“Hoodz9 has been featured on major platforms like LinkUpTv in Europe and was recently posted on DJ Akademiks Instagram.” Albery Powell explained.

“His demographics show listeners from all over the world including North America, Africa and Europe. ” . Ivan Albery Powell is a music executive and the owner of GMA – Great Music Agency.

Not surprisingly Hoodz9 has captivated his audience with melodic songs that include the raw lyrics that come with growing up in the Toronto area. Hoodz9 is clearly making an attempt to connect with his international audience with the song “Bad Gyal” that was released recently on UK based LinkUpTv.

We look forward to seeing what Hoodz9 does next. For now you can check out the new video in YouTube below:

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