Have you ever been a part of a Musical experience that set you in a magical rythm and all you want is to immerse into the soulfulnes the music offers ?
Peabo J’ s musical profile is one such experience.

His enigmatic melodies and charming voice is one to watch out for.
Besides upbeat tempo, it’s his unique touch that gives his melodies a whole new dimension.

Born and brought up in Selma, Alabama , Peabo J discovered his passion in music early on. Coming from a musical family, he not only inherited the beautiful gift of music but also the dedication to carry on a legacy.
Through the years he has worked hard on his compositions. Blending hardwork with natural talent is an art in itself which he has mastered.
Peabo J’s music is a wonderful blend of styles inspired from the “King of pop” Michael Jackson and global sensation, Usher. This classic combination of dance pop, Blues and soulful R&b never fails to impress his audience who not only shower love but great reviews and chart topping views.

He rose to fame with his youtube hit “Freak 4 u ” which crossed one million views and counting.This was followed by his pop dance beat and top 40 hit “Party the night away.”

His latest single Another Round turned out to be a gaint hit.
Peabo J’s new single has made headlines by toppling records with over 80k views within a very small duration.

His undying passion and relentless trails to make a name for himself in the industry has bore fruits making him one of the most successful artist of our generation.

His new composition “Life of libra” would be Another feather in his cap and we can all be sure that it will be bigger than ever

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