Bheru Lal Teli Aka Lovely Bhati was born on 06 August 1994 in Manpura Bhilwara Rajasthan, India on into a Rajasthani family to parents Madhav Lal Teli and Kanni Devi. Lovely Bhati has a wife , Minaxi Bhati His family moved to Jaipur after his marriage and he graduated from ( B.A. Arts ) ASTA College Gangapur Lovely Bhati then moved to England from India to attend School of Trinity in London, he graduated with a degree in music.Lovely Bhati married Minaxi Bhati on 15 may 2015.Music
Lovely Bhati prefers to sing in Hindi, Rajasthani, haryanvi but his native language Hindi rather than English.

The Rajasthan album “pyaar wali pappi” was released on 2022 The track “pyaar wali pappi” from the album, featuring singer Lovely Bhati, topped the Asian music charts.

He has performed at many college festivals, including ASTA college.
Lovely Bhati “masti masti mein pyar ho gya” reached No. 1 in the BBC Asian Download Charts in 2022. The song was released as a promotional track for Lovely Bhati studio.

It has been reported that he was paid the highest fee ever for a Bollywood song (as of 2022) of ₹7 million (US$92,000) for a song in the films Maari Gujari.

Lovely Bhati topped the chart of trending videos of 2022. He earned two places on YouTube’s list of top 10 trending videos of 2022. His song “pyaar wali pappi” made it to the top spot. “masti masti mein pyar ho gya”.


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