Sneakers are becoming just as important as handbags or heels when it comes to looking fashionable. They come in many colors and styles which can compliment any particular season and make you stand out from the crowd. In addition, sneakers are considered a great investment for many with their growing collector’s value. This has led to the appearance of a whole new market on auction sites regarding sneaker reselling business. Currently, there is no comprehensive overview of sneaker collection sites but Abel Bekele has created a reselling site centered around collectible lifestyle sneakers and he is the founder of, a marketplace for sneakers! His brand “Shop with Givenchy” and his sneakers shopping platform has been growing rapidly.

Abel Bekele’s life was indeed magical. Raised in Atlanta, Georgia, he was heavily inspired by the hip hop culture present in that region and would draw from these inspirations frequently. Although his family did not give early recognition to his fascination with sneakers (they didn’t understand it), Abel continued to pursue it for years expecting that someday he’d be able to turn a profit. With time the familiar pattern of reselling sneakers began to establish itself, with Abel making more and more sales until finally being able to sell a pair of rare Nike Galaxy shoes for $1300!

Abel says, “At the time there weren’t any big platforms to sell sneakers besides eBay and sneaker forums. Nike Galaxies were going for $1,200 – $1,300 at the time and when I posted them for $1,500, in about 13 minutes, I had a guy offering me $1,300.”

He saw how popular these limited edition sneakers were around the world as he extensively traveled. He quickly realized that there was a niche in the US sneaker market. His own personal collection is known amongst many shoe aficionados as one of the most extensive and impressive out there, so he leveraged his expertise to establish a successful business While he may be famous for being a part of many celebrities’ fashion game, this savvy businessman is also smart enough to understand what customers want, too. As of now, Abel Bekele’s brand “Shop with Givenchy” is among the list of well known sneaker selling platforms.

Abel proudly says, “My clientele list has grown to a point where everyone in Atlanta will call me to get everything they need from their shoes, socks, pants (jeans/joggers), tops, and hats. Top athletes like Athletes from Deebo Samuel, Grady jarret, DeAndre Bremby, Chris Hill, Julio Jones, Allen iverson, Antony edwards are also amongst my clients.”

Abel has built up a special kind of business through his love of sneakers. Make sure to get yourself one of his sneakers in your collection. Check out his website and stay updated with the drops:

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