Manal Al Sadhan continued her journey in learning and developing herself through different training courses and programs in Japan, Germany, India, South Africa, USA, Italy and UK. She took all that knowledge and came back to Riyadh to share it with the society in a very simple way that would help in elevating self-awareness and living life with ease. She has used her success to bring goodness to the world. She is a person of great influence. She started Bab Alnour to be a gate for anyone looking for inner light, and she presented and still presenting variety of courses with several trainers from around the world.

She is a person of great influence and she would like to bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people. She also builds her clients’ trust in an amazing way.

Her tip to her colleagues in this field would be to realize the power of what they are and stop doubting themselves. She is also grateful towards who helped get her to where she is.

Her journey started at a young age with a dream she didn’t understand back then, “SHE enjoys silence”, and many questions that no one could answer. She has decided to spread the message of happiness and wellness around the world.

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