Just outstanding, there is no doubt that Ravoshia is a trendsetter who continues to stun thousands with her different standout nature of fashion looks, music, dance moves and creative projects. A few days ago the recording artist shared the jaw dropping photo in a colorful and sparkling flame cape. The whole look is absolutely eye catching, fierce, and iconic. Of course, Ravoshia’s fans went mad over the epic ensemble.

Ravoshia has received a lot of attention ever since the summer of 2020 for Fashion Killa, the hit single on numerous radio airwaves globally being heard by millions of listeners. As of late, it was noted that the record surpassed one hundred streams on Spotify.

Precisely, the highlighted detail and dynamic in the cape is so intense that it is hard to not be memorized. Almost every look the singer debuts proves she is indeed a Fashion Killa. Ravoshia seems to wear different combinations of styles as some appear to be very edgy, glamorous or urban styled with a unique twist.

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