According to sources 2412TreFive is an unsigned artist from Pemberton Nj A rural area in South New Jersey he grew up in another small town just about 25 mins from Pemberton called Willingboro Where he graduated High School 2412Tre was a troubled youth in and out of youth facilities & Adult facilities . Music was always his love and passion and his scape goat @2412TreFive Can Sing & Vocalize his feelings he claims he not the best Lyricist but damn sure a great artist as a whole and he can put a great song together Believed to say he can do any music Genre He says his “ear for music is A1 “lol

He started off with the name GxLo & started off his music career making beats and engineering friends vocals years (2014) back but
started taking it seriously Summer 2019 & ended up being incarcerated Late 2019

@2412TreFive Came home Ending of Spring 2020 and Started a Group Called 2412 ent and continued to build his Presence on the media dropping multiple Visuals and Songs on his social media accounts @2412TreFive with multiple hometown friends of his and he begin being notable because of his fun looking and his high quality up tempo music Also making A New YouTube Channel (2412 Ent) Debut video reaching lot of views.

This Young Versatile Powerful Talent is going to blow in no time !! View his IG account for Information on Videos and Content (@2412TreFive) BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR MORE VISUALS ON HIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL (2412ENT) HE IS ALSO DROPPIN HIS FIRST PROJECT SOON TO BE ANNOUNCED CALLED (TURNT UP YOUNGIN THE EP) also be on the look out for features and visuals from Main Stream artists and Also from Other 2412 artists

@2412TreFive is showing new content every other day via Instagram and Via TikTok to indicate he is working very moderate. He plans on Dropping At least 5 projects in this short time till December. He also hopes to launch his label and push 2412 ent (the label Instagram is @2412entertainment) We really analyze him as a great artist and feels as though he will Blow if he continues with his hard-working drive and passion he has for music as we can see happening

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