Rizgar Sak is a talented business leader and entrepreneur. He hails from a family dealing with carpet business. He was born in 1976 and has developed a good business sense while being brought up in the family and getting a good exposure abroad. He joined his family business with his siblings and always thought beyond the traditional method of doing a business. He rose high with his innovative business skills and commitment to prove his business acumen in the market. In less than a few years, he diversified his family business by opening up offices in different nations. 

These included Iraq, Turkey, UAE and other nations thus bringing his family business in a global landscape. He dealt with a wide range of businesses including construction, real estate, general trading, customer service, logistics and food & beverages. By 2020, he was able to embark upon his own brand called Dives Holding, which is a group of businesses dealing in areas like construction, logistics, education and food and beverages to name a few. With his incredible business acumen, he was able to attract more and more clients along with getting the best of the talents to join his business. 

One of the big ventures of Rizgar Sak under his brand was the collaboration with the known Turkish food brand called CZN Burak along with others like CZN Burger and Huggabaz. With his brand, he plans to capture the Middle East market. Having started in 2020 during the turbulent times, he is going smooth while sailing the boat of his brand in these turbulent times. In 2021, he intends to embark upon with his restaurants in all the major cities of the Middle East. While he has already started its main branch in Dubai. He has plans for Europe and Asia and is going great guns despite all odds finding opportunities in this tough time and proving his business acumen. 

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