The second wave of Covid-19 has crippled India at all fronts. Rising number of deaths, lack of medical supplies and volatile economy are matters of deep concern. India being a populous country has always faced the issue of unemployment and with the pandemic, the situation has only worsened. Businesses have shut, lakhs of people have lost their jobs and are heading towards poverty.
With the second wave of Covid-19 and the latest lockdown restrictions in most states, the employment statistics will only change for worse. RJD youth leader Md Mahtab Alam called unemployment a bigger epidemic than Coronavirus. He pointed out that a common man’s purchasing power has dropped massively and that the youth of Bihar is being harassed by unemployment more than COVID-19.
Md Mahtab Alam criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar for ruining the situation for the young citizens that are said to be the pillars of the nation. He said that the central and state governments failed to implement smart lockdown last year. India witnessed the world’s strictest lockdown last year. Speaking of the same, Md Mahtab said that the government could have worked in a smarter way by keeping the economic activities running with precautions. He said, “Instead of closing the production total, it could have been reduced. Working hours could have been reduced, but it was not done. Rather, all economic activities were brought to a standstill. Trucks and other cargo vehicles were intercepted which resulted into the biggest loss the country we Indians suffered, the poor laborers of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar suffered.”

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