As a singing and singing instructor, I often come across the phrase, “What are your top tips for singing?” Well, I can give you a long list above and talk to you for an hour! I have a long list of different tricks that have been gained over the years but I love the challenge – so I tell myself if I only have 5 minutes to tell you my best tips, Which items do I choose?

One of the things I always tell students is that your voice is an instrument that is embedded in your body and you need to know how to make the most of it. At the basic level, all matters are physical. There are certain things you need to do to have a strong and good voice. There are very simple ways you can use them right now to get the best sound out of your internal instrument!

Most readers and professionals may not be familiar with these topics and tips unless they are well trained. So it turned out that these points are very pure!

Well, now I will present these points to you like a lesson. It is enough for you to stand in front of the mirror for a minute because I want you to look at your chin and the position of your head so that you can control your movements while singing.

A brief biography of Farshid Adhami

Farshid Adhami was born on 22 april 1993 , Singer and player of electronic guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar and bouzouki , Is one of the famous Iranian people, Farshid’s famous music are “del divoneh”, “ta key”, balaye joonam “, eshgh”

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