Swimming is a sport that puts a little pressure on the body

Yes, low pressure means good exercise for injured athletes who do not want to put too much pressure on their joints. In addition, you can swim with less intensity and regular movements without sweating or tearing muscles.

Swimming is very good for the lungs

When your face is under water, oxygen becomes a precious substance. Instead, your body adjusts to make the most of the available oxygen. In addition, the lungs learn to inhale more fresh air with each inhalation and to release more carbon dioxide with each exhalation.

Swimming relieves major stresses

Swimming stimulates the production of endorphins and reduces your stress levels. Being in the water gives you a special feeling of relaxation. When you are immersed in water, the amount of sensory information that your body is bombarded with at any given moment is reduced and therefore you feel relaxed. Research shows that immersion in water can relieve stress symptoms in patients with chronic stress.

Swimming takes you back in time and makes you look younger

Research has shown that people who swim regularly are biologically 20 years younger than their age.

“Swimming is good even for people over 70 and has an effect on blood pressure, cholesterol levels, cardiovascular function, central nervous system, cognitive function of the brain, muscle mass, and blood composition, making it similar to when young.” It makes you wet. With this exercise, you no longer need to use anti-wrinkle creams!

Swimming uses all the muscles that are left idle

You can not raise your hand above your head while sitting at a table, but when you are in the pool your arms come and go above your head, meaning that the forgotten muscles are forced to move, such as the shoulder and deltoid muscles. These muscles are not used even when cycling or walking.

Some people think that because the water temperature is cooler than the body temperature, it is difficult to lose weight with a water sport such as swimming. But this idea has now been rejected and it has been found that swimming is one of the most important ways to burn calories and reduce excess body weight and is suitable for weight control.

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