Mr. mohammad Arshianfar is the developer of an academic collection concerning financial success and personal development on the web and social networks. This team is one of the most flourishing IDP (individual development planning) models in social and psychological sciences, as it has had remarkable efficiency and many satisfied clients. In today’s modern world, appropriate human capital management and successful constant progress can be obtained by acquiring skills and applying them.

Some thinkers and specialists claim that what turns a developing country into a developed country is indeed the growth in financial and technical literacy, which is workable through skill-based education aiming at individual and social development. In several countries, teaching financial literacy and management starts from early childhood, which benefits when becoming teenagers. In the long past of our country, developing financial intelligence, i.e., having a sense of thriftiness, was an important concern of the parents to teach this quality to their children by employing different means and practices. Sometimes, parents encouraged their children to work as apprentices in the market, storehouses, wholesaler, with business people and industrialists in order to acquire skills and abilities other than school education.

This tradition and rearing throughout the society have unfortunately faded away over the years. Today, the significance of financial literacy, appropriate capital management, and making money is apparent to anyone. However, the high rate of financial bankruptcies, fraud and money laundering, usury transactions, pyramid schemes, and many other wrong methods in developing countries results from the lack of talents and knowledge about financial management, livelihood, and social intelligence. It is highlighted in the Holy Qur’an not to hand significant funds to stupid and corrupt people, as we are all responsible for wasting financial resources. Stupid mentioned in the Holy Quran means people who do not have the capability and knowledge to manage capital.

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