It’s rare that we see someone enter the music industry immediately knowing what they are doing, but Gogetta80, born Omar Thompson, seems to be a superstar in the making. Since 2016, Gogetta80’s lifestyle has been a crazy one. He’s been living a lavish lifestyle, filled with cars, yachts, celebrities, etc. Throughout his career, he’s met tons of A-List celebrities like Diddy, Drake, Diplo, and many others. Each of which has guided him and sent him down the right path in music. With this help and guidance he’s been able to make a name for himself in the Miami music scene, but we don’t see it stopping there.

With the release of his single “Started Again”, which represents him entering a new path in life, he’s priming himself for a breakthrough year. The song takes on R&B inspirations, while mixing in a new school flow and lyrical delivery. The lyrics show real emotion and Gogetta80 talks about his time in the streets and how he was able to make it out and live successfully.

We’re definitely excited to see where Gogetta80 goes from here.

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