In recent years, the interest that has gained momentum among health professionals about the medical benefits of floatation tank therapy has reached a pinnacle. Scepticism and faith in the treatment is backed by both hearsay and actual facts. For the purpose of this article, let’s just say that the benefit of floatation therapy has got nothing to do with magic and everything to do with science. Although for years the treatment has been based on observed phenomenon, lately this has changed.

Evidence has been obtained from a number of clinical controlled studies and the data shows that the amazing benefits of sensory deprivation tanks has a solid scientific explanation as to why it actually works. It is not a myth or placebo treatment as some would say because after the therapy was introduced by Dr. John C Lily in the 60s, the therapy remained underground for decades and only made it into mainstream medical science in the 90s. Although the therapy has been attributed to Dr. John C Lily, the concept of the therapy has actually been around for centuries based on the fact thousands of pilgrims travelled over thousands of kilometres to the Dead Sea to mend or ‘float away their illnesses’.

In other words all Dr John C Lily did was modernising the concept and brought the Dead Sea into homes and spas. The truth is that (although unknown to Dr Lily),  Sensory deprivation when applied for short amounts of time actually works wonders for the human body which is the reason why that many private clinics and even homes are proponents of float therapy. The reason behind this is due to the fact that floatation tank therapy increases concentration, creativity and optimises physical performance and this was just the beginning of it as medical professionals are beginning find out that the therapy does much more than just increase concentration and optimises physical performance, it also helps to reduce stress, override symptoms of insomnia, improve our autoimmune response and alleviates most symptoms related to stress or stress disorders.

The therapy which blots out external stimuli (sight, sound, smell, heat and gravity) allows the human mind to change its brainwave into a more subtle state commonly referred to as the theta state which means that the brain is place in a deep suspended mode. In this state, a significant amount of brain power is set free s the brain no longer contends with external stimuli and instead the brain focuses on inner healing.

During this treatment, the brain recalibrates our biological system (reboots the system) which is why most subjects have a clear mind, calm and present state of mind after the session which lasts for days if not for weeks. It is these facts that have changed the minds of medical professionals drastically and most accept floatation therapy as a bona-fide genuine supportive treatment that works at the cellular towards better health.

So, does floatation tank therapy really work? The answer is a profound yes! 

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