During the creation of multi-starrer motion pictures, we have frequently caught wind of reports of contentions between the star cast. It isn’t not difficult to get various craftsmen to cooperate. Self image conflicts between entertainers, especially assuming a large number of them share a similar degree of fame, are not unfathomable. A considerable lot of these accounts are not as expected validated however reports frequently spread like quickly. It is simple for tales to spread in the present time of web-based entertainment. We should go fifty years back, when online entertainment didn’t exist yet bits of hearsay about a multi starrer began doing the rounds in magazines and tattle segments.

The film we are discussing is the 1976 exemplary thriller Nagin, coordinated by Rajkumar Kohli. This film was a leader in a progression of impending movies highlighting the Ichhadhari Nagin or shape-moving snake.

Nagin had a gigantic star projected, with chief Kohli roping in probably the greatest names in Hindi film of that time. Sunil Dutt, Jeetendra, Firoz Khan, Rekha, Mumtaz, Kabir Bedi and Reena Roy were playing lead jobs in this film. Reena Roy had taken a large part of the spotlight with her unnerving depiction of an old shapeshifting snake, who goes after individuals she accepts were liable for the passing of her darling. The film raised Reena Roy to moment fame. Nagin made a gross assortment of Rs 3.5 crore.

Reports anyway proposed that there was a virus battle between Reena Roy and Rekha during its shooting. Going by the tattle flowing in those times, Rekha was allegedly mindful that Reena Roy had the more famous and meatier job. Rekha was investigating every possibility to look predominant on screen. It is expressed that during the melody Tere Ishq Ka Mujhse Standard Hua Ye Asar, Rekha was given an ensemble which was evaluated not exactly that of Reena Roy’s outfit.

Rekha purportedly requested that she ought to be given an outfit which matched that of Reena Roy’s, both with regards to cost and fabulousness; furthermore, really at that time she would film the tune. Clearly, even Sunil Dutt couldn’t persuade her to do the tune with the first outfit. At last, Rajkumar Kohli yielded and had her ensemble changed for a costlier one.

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