It is not uncommon to find rap music taking the blame for inspiring youngsters to take up bad habits such as drug use, violence, and more. Moreover, it is also claimed that rap music often guides the youth in the wrong direction.  

However, people conveniently overlook that rap music also delivers several positive messages by highlighting humankind’s problems and motivating people to dream big. This particular genre provides much value, as several positive notions form the basis of many tracks.   

Hip-Hop also categorically illustrates actual issues of the modern world by addressing problems such as gang life, poverty, and drug-based issues. Alternatively, it narrates stories of those after success. Thus, one cannot overstate the fact that artists are often misinterpreted in the US. As their intention is not to endorse disruptive behavior but to prevent it by illuminating its implications, they are depicting their real-life realities in an attempt to demonstrate its consequences.     

Music made by Entrepreneur/Major Recording artist CIFEMAN personifies the definition of Hip-Hop excellence. CIFEMAN’s music echoes the soul of Brooklynites and captures the raw essence of Brooklyn culture.   

CIFEMAN’s music is his lyrical content, and its delivery showcases his rap supremacy. CIFEMAN music vision is panaromic and highlights America’s most profound issues.     

We are all well-versed with CIFEMAN’s ‘Championship DNA’ and can vouch for the fact that he doesn’t need ‘No Plan B.’ CIFEMAN’s music clearly illustrates Generation Z’s musical abilities. CIFEMAN is aware of the industry snakes, landmines, and shady corporate businessmen seeking to rob their financial future. The rap game is 90% business and 10% music, and CIFEMAN understands the importance of building an empire.       

In 2021, CIFEMAN decided to become a part of a monetization joint venture with RADIOPUSHERS, a leader in music monetization and digital branding. 

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