In today’s fast-paced world, one can not simply harbour a career by only studying in college and getting a degree. Practical skills are just as important as academic skills tend to be. In the ever-increasing global connections, one is bound to have several different forms of hobbies and passions and what not.

To be successful at a pace like that is truly an admirable skill. To be able to manage a career, one’s social media presence and an overall skill set that would help them in the future is considerably difficult. This feat has been easily achieved by Emily Austin.

Emily Austin is a famed Model, an Actress, an Instagram influencer along with being a Sports Journalist. Most of her work is mainly based in the United States of America. For her career as a sports Journalist, she runs an Instagram page called Daily Vibes with Emily where she uploads her conversations and interviews with various famous sports personalities, as well as she also has a TikTok account with username @emilyraustin.

With the recent awareness being spread about fitness and health, heads are bound to turn towards different kinds of sports too. It does go unsaid though, that a craze for sports has been around forever, in present times it only seems to have been amplified.

Due to this tremendous growth of interest in the sports industry, Emily Austin’s Instagram interviews have been getting increasingly popular amongst the general public. Otherwise too, she has received a lot of praise and acclaim as a model and as an actress. She has worked in movies like Isn’t It Romantic (2019), The Italians, and An American Pickle (2020). Even with ramp walking, she has quite a bit of experience.

She was born in the Year 2001 on May 24. Consequently, her zodiac is Gemini. She hails from New York and was raised there too. She has a bachelor’s degree from Hofstra University.

One of her most famous brand endorsements has to be from Puma. She has modelled for several of their products and launches. Many other brands too have requested her to be their ambassador. Her personal page has over 206k followers from all across the world.

For her page @dailyvibeswithemily, she has worked really hard and has managed to gather over 12.8k followers. To be able to achieve so many of her goals at the ripe age of 19 is truly inspiring beyond words.

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