Family Star by Vijay Deverakonda is scheduled for release on April 5th, and the team has begun aggressively promoting it. After Geetha Govindam, this is the second movie starring Parasuram and Vijay Deverakonda. Mrunal Thakur, who is enjoying herself greatly at the Tollywood box office because of her hits, Sita Ramam and Hi Nanna, is joining them this time. Thus, there are high expectations for this project, understandably. Sadly, none of the songs that have been released thus far have been able to meet the high expectations of the fans.

One of the primary factors contributing to the movie’s enormous success and record-breaking box office receipts is Geetha Govindam’s audio. One of the songs most popular in Telugu cinema was Inkem Inkem Kavale.

None of the songs have been able to measure up to the level of Family Star, which features Parasuram and Vijay Deverakonda together. Only the first song, Nandanandanan, did reasonably well out of the three that have been released. The other two songs, Madhuramu Kadha and Kalyani Vaccha Vaccha, failed to capture the attention of listeners.

Kalyani Vachha Vaccha was subjected to numerous trolling attempts, with numerous individuals asserting that this Gopi Sunder song is a combination of multiple popular Tollywood songs. The weakest of the three songs is the third, which was just released. Unless and until the trailer is released, the songs are the primary cause of the movie’s lackluster buzz.

One major plus point for the film is the release date which falls in the summer season and continuous festival holidays like Ugadi and Eid following the release. However, a positive buzz about the movie is much needed for Family Star to receive solid collections. In the absence of positive buzz and a good trailer, everything will now depend on the positive reviews and word of mouth.

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