Shobi Malik is breaking ground with his modeling and acting skills. Shobi aka Muhammad Shoaib is a famous TikTok and YouTube content creator, and actor. Shoaib has been entertaining people with his stylish looks and script-driven acting skills. Shobi is famous on most common social media platforms but he is setting new bars, especially on the content sharing platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Shobi has been a particularly hard-working individual. Although he has seen immense hardships and brutalities of life at a very young age. He has been a victim of a lynching incident himself. Coming from a more humble background, Shobi is a real-life story of rags to riches. Shobi was always fascinated by modeling, dancing, and acting from a very young age. So he started working for it. Shobi has grown so much and came so far Coming forward to the year of pandemic and lockdowns when he realized his passion for TikTok and other content platforms. He has over 100k followers on Instagram. Not just Instagram, but Shobi is famous on other platforms as well. He has a fan following of over 550k on TikTok and over 100k of fan base on Youtube.

Shobi is a traveler by heart and likes to go in style. His biggest flexes are his travel photos and the immense luxury that he enjoys while at it. Apart from travel the world, Shobi is also a big enthusiast of automobiles. Shobi is a big fanboy for supercars and luxury vehicles. This can be seen through his Instagram photos and reels. He can be seen enjoying in luxurious spaces of expensive cities of UAE and Europe.

Shobi is not only breaking realms of acting and modeling on various platforms but he also guides fellow up-and-coming artists coming from different walks of life. We can expect his entry into high-profile roles on even bigger platforms such as movies.

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