Spider-Man: Miles Morales is going to the PS4 and PS5 on November 12th, however this week we got a brief look at the game’s most significant component by a long shot: Spider-Cat.

Indeed, Spider-Cat is real and they can totally be your companion and wrongdoing battling partner.

The huge uncover comes courtesy of an interactivity video from Game Informer that shows Morales following up on a bodega burglary. The specific plot isn’t completely clarified, however it appears to be the bodega proprietor has a cat (likewise named Spider-Man) who was taken during the wrongdoing.

Spirits obediently takes off to mess up the trouble makers, and in the process recovers our catlike companion, who is evidently then opened as a feature of a discretionary outfit for the player.

Creepy crawly Cat doesn’t simply relax in your backpack, however. When prepared with its own cover, it will even convey finishers to bad guys, jumping at them with paws of furry fury.

Truly, it would appear that simply a pitch-ideal minimal extra for the game, precisely with regards to the tone of Spider-Man and his New York home.

Cats are such a staple of the city’s bodegas that there are Instagram and Twitter accounts reporting their adventures (which are mostly: hanging out and looking charming).

Presently if just a few NPCs can move toward Spider-Cat and announce that it “takes a pet, like no problem,” things will truly be searching up for 2020.

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