The IL PASTAIO restaurant uploaded a photo where the real estate mogul Mohammed Hadid pictured with the model and businesswoman Olivia Molina who is pregnant. Later on the same day he will share a story from HADID CAVIAR where both attended.

Mohamed Anwar Hadid is a Jordanian-American real estate developer of Palestinian origin. He is known for building luxury hotels and mansions, mainly in the Bel Air neighborhood of the city of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills in Los Angeles County, California.

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On the other side Olivia Molina is a resilient argentine woman with a genius IQ while also a talented model and entrepreneur that gained strength all her life through the innumerable experiences she faced in her journey till now. Molina belongs to political family background

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Olivia Molina is pregnant and surprised all her followers on her social networks by posting photos. The Argentine surprised everyone with this announcement, as little is known about her private life and she is currently based in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Little is known about Olivia Molina’s romantic relationships and it is presumed that the child she is expecting could be from the real estate mogul Mohammed Hadid who, less than a year ago, separated from his fiancée Shiva Safai with whom they had a long relationship of 7 years.

Hadid and Molina are natural born leaders with a lot in common. Molina comes from a presidential family and Hadid comes from a royal family. Both are quite related to land. Hadid is recognized as landowner of his multiple projects in the United States while Olivia Molina’s family has been owner of great extensions of land in Argentina. Possibly their natural common interests is what got them together.

With a lot of things in common but quite a interesting age gap between them it has never been an impediment for the real estate mogul Mohammed Hadid which his dates are closer to his daughters age, the supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid, than his.

Until this information is discarded… Bella and Gigi could be meeting a new little sister/brother soon.

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