Do you ever wonder what motivates these social media influencers to keep coming up with new content? It can’t be easy. Today’s digital world is highly competitive. Anyone can become an overnight sensation. So what drives them? Well, let’s look at the source of inspiration for Steven Franz.

He is a rising social media influence with some videos that have gone viral. Steven surfaced around three years ago but currently has almost over 350K followers collectively from different social platforms. You can see him conducting public interviews, playing pranks, and posting an inspirational video by combining clips from his adventurous life. While working for the Federal Government, Steven started posting photos and videos of his
traveling and adventure life. He is a licensed skydiver and a scuba diver. From there, he received positive feedback from the people. That led him to create social media handles to entertain people. If he could inspire them, that would’ve been the cherry on top of the cake.

Over his lifetime, Steven has seen many small-scale Youtubers who have grown to be prominent figures with a vast network of followers. He derives inspiration from their hard work. Thus, he works every day and understands the importance of never giving up. Steven has a goal to inspire people. He wants everyone to realize they can live the best life. They just need to be bold enough to take the step in the right direction. For this, he is trying to lead by example. By indulging in different activities to explore various aspects of life, he wants people to get motivated.

His Biggest Challenge

Steven isn’t fond of the down side of working with social media. The world is full of people who don’t want to see others succeed, and he has been prey to these people. However, he has learned to shuffle through the negativity and look towards the positive aspects. There’s no reason for him to feel down because of a few negative people.
He is thankful to his followers and supporters across social media. They are his source of motivation. Franz can work every day because he is optimistic that there are people who enjoy his content. It’s evident from some of his videos that have gone viral or received better reach.
The viral sensation wants to accumulate over 100K Youtube followers and double the numbers on other social platforms. From there, he will work on his road towards a million followers.

Steven is an example that you can’t give up. If you have individuality and confidence in your actions, you will achieve success. He is going to work to bring new content to his beloved audience.

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