Egyptian- American artist MaherJersey from New Jersey is setting himself up for a great 2022 in music. This independent artist made waves with his last album, executing it to perfection. As he continues to trust the process and put the work into his career, MaherJersey pushes to become a household name in the music industry.Maher put his grind and sweat into his new song “- Ya Hob Omry Ensini” exceeding thousands of views in just hours. 

His relatable lyrics are on point with a smooth flow and a good beat making all his fans love it. MaherJersey comes from a small town in New Jersey with not a lot to work with but that didn’t stop him from pursuing his dreams. At the age of 21 he really wanted to get into more singing when friends and family told him he had a good talent. A year later he wanted to invest more into his talent. It was risky because it’s very expensive for all the tools you need, not to mention a producer too. Without a doubt Maher kept pushing and pushing to become one of the greatest Egyptian Artists there is. 

There is no doubt that MaherJersey has what it takes to be a premier artist in the music industry. Watch for him to take things to the next level in his new project set to release later this year. 

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