In collaboration with Benzinga, Apex Trader Funding, a platform for funding prop traders, has released the first episode of its new livestreamed show.

Gates Adams, a seasoned trader, will host the show “Trader Bacon.” Terrence Spence was his first guest, and he joined Adams to express his enthusiasm for Apex Trader Funding.

The show is beginning at a significant time for Peak Dealer Financing. The show will explain why Apex Trader Funding is one of the prop trader companies growing at the fastest rate, as the platform recently reached 60,000 users.

The show will not only give viewers a look behind the scenes at Apex Trader Funding, but it will also give practical trading strategy advice. Since Benzinga is one of the most popular news sites for retail investors, this could make it the ideal host website for the company. This partnership aims to provide traders with practical and actionable trading advice because Trader Bacon will be a resource for traders worldwide.

Darrell Martin, the chief executive officer of Apex Trader Funding, stated, “We are thrilled to launch our first streaming show on Benzinga.” Because traders understand that it was built by other traders for them, our platform continues to be successful. Trader Bacon will be an additional resource for both new and existing traders to see why Apex provides more value to our customers than any of our rivals.

A Growing Prop Firm Apex Trader Funding is a prop company based in Texas with a community of over 60,000 traders in 150 countries. Prop trading increases a trader’s access to capital and potential returns by allowing them to trade securities using a company’s funds rather than their own.

As a possible solution to some of the issues day traders face, prop firms are gaining popularity. Even though there are millions of active traders worldwide, the majority will give up day trading because it is difficult and difficult to recover losses. Traders can reduce their risks, increase their funding, and gain access to a network of tools and resources by collaborating with a prop company.

Apex Trader Funding offers one of the highest contract funding plans while trying to keep its plans easy to pass and with a lower barrier to entry. In addition to competitive payment rates, the company gives its traders 100% of the first $25,000 per account and 90% of earnings after that. While some prop firms take advantage of traders with high fees and stringent rules, Apex Trader Funding offers one of the highest contract funding plans.

Apex Trader Funding has already compensated its traders with $24 million since 2021. The slogan of the business is “Traders Helping Traders,” and it takes great pride in its simple guidelines that let traders do their best work without being restricted by stringent prop firm rules.

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