Kane was 10 when he found his passion for music. “That’s what I wanted to do,” the Pickering-born, Canadian – based rapper told writers. “Like that was what I wanted to be. I wanted to be an artist, so I made up my mind at that age”.

Fast forward a few years later, Kane is now one of Toronto’s most promising young artists. Now, the 17-year-old has released a new single, “ Hollywood”. Hollywood is a song about Kanes dreams to move to California and live out his vision as an artist. “Tryna lived up in the hills, got a new crib, don’t care what the cost is” Kane explained the meaning behind that “ Growing up my parents sacrificed a lot just to see me happy. One of the many things I promised my parents was to buy them their dream house no matter the cost”. Kane went into further details on what he meant by “ I know you think that i’m moving on ” Kane quotes “Now that my music is starting to take off, people are starting to say that i’m changing. I just don’t get how people can say that knowing I stayed the same.”

Among the people who helped  Kane get to where he is today is his dad. His dad was the first one to show him what a studio looked like and let him know that music was a viable career path. Growing up his dad would often play artists “Tupac” and “Nas” in the car which further helped him develop his taste for music. Another key player in Kanes musical journey was his friends: “instead of paying attention to the lesson in class my friends and I would freestyle till the teacher kicks us out” Kane said.

While Kane has made a name for himself in his city, his inspirations for the tracks pull from all different genres. Among his musical inspirations include Drake, Kayne West, The Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber. Other standout singles of his are  “Lavish” and “Charlie D’amelio,” both of which have surpassed five thousand streams. “ I live in a city where people are ruled by jealousy. Your own friends can be praying for your downfall. You just gotta be aware of that and continue to move forward.” Kane said. 

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