Popularly known as Mr. Harmonium. Sadakat got his early training from his grandfather Sangeet Acharya Md. Yunus khan and later under his father Ustad Sahadat Rana Khan. Today with utmost hard work and Zeal to perform globally the harmonium maestro reflects on the music industry which is trying to blend itself in culture and modernity hoping to find a wider appeal and cater to varied tastes.

For Sadakat it seems that music has made him a seeker, a seeker for life, finding answers to questions which might sound plaintive to some but filled with an astounding depth of self-realization when searched within. One of the questions being-Why classical music? As we all know it is Classical Music that formed the bedrock for all the genre, that eventually evolved around the world, leading to the establishment of different music industries as par with the audience attracted to them. Sadakat too acknowledges this but chose to speak at length on the subject.

Sadakat believes that whether it is ‘Blues’, ‘Jazz’, ‘Contemporary’ or for that matter any particular genre of music, it is sure to get well fitted along the lines of Ragas (Classical Compositions of music in Ancient India), one of the many. For him, this is because Classical Music is the ‘Mother of all Music’ or more appropriately put, ‘Root of all Music (Genres)’. Classical Music for him is ‘For Classes not for Masses’. The music can’t have thorough appeal, for all, though definitely, it brings you close to ecstasy, towards a pure form of music, that traces its journey from the ears straight down the heart to stay for the everlasting experience be etched in memory for a lifetime. Sadakat mentions an add on to this, as what goes into the training, known as ‘Khayal Music’, the creativity of the maestro, whosoever, in the present; it isn’t readymade, but need the ability to be in the present, more focused on ‘now’, not always what’s learnt along the way.

But, as Sadakat admits, as a matter of conclusive thought, ‘Classical Music and Modern music have their own unique identities, and have their fans’. After all, ‘Modern Music’ stems from Classical Music, while Classical Music itself evolved from the basic musical notes, ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni’. So, both can always coexist and be our succour as and when synced with mood and interest from time to time.

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