Cyffa Leyenda turns his networking Journey with Michael Copon and M’Jestie and expanded it into his NetWorth

Who Inspired you on your journey?

I’ve been mentored by a star Michael Copon and famous songwriter from Virginia Alisha M’Jestie Brooks. I signed with M’Jestie right out of high school. She told me I had a glow everytime I walk in a building lol which stuck to me. M’Jestie taught me to open my ears to different sounds within my own sound along with teaching me stage presence. Eye contact is very important to lock eye to eye with fans as your perform it creates a connection through your lyrics. When I was with M’Jestie she had levels and I reached passed gold in months. I’m the type of artist that when offered an opportunity I have a goal already set so I move efficiently. Umm Michael Copon, he just really opened my eyes to a Hollywood aspect of things and the work to do so. Michael actually invited me to his studio after having this kick back at his studio because I was playing my beats. I actually am dancing in Michael’s music video with his wife now Vickie Jade. Regardless of the sound of music cause music is music I’ll be apart to support especially if it’s for a huge cause. I enjoyed chillin with Michael  and working with him very cool guy not a lot of celebrities are cool and even till this day these two people and I are connected.

What Makes you different as an Artist and Marketer?

First off you never hear people say their an artist and a marketer except for an entertainer like me. I like to use my brain and challenge myself even if it gets hard. Second I have the power to control my own algorithms and it feels good I feel like I can’t be touched especially in my state of Virginia. I’m studying every artist that left Virginia and still in Virginia that’s how you know your next move, which I have my own plans anyways but that’s just the add on and juice to the motivation. As a marketer I have projects and celebrity collaborations that are still in my email or Dropbox someone dropping a song with a celebrity is lite news for me right now as I was already thinking that in 2019. What I’m going to kill the industry and the artist on is in actually talented any day of the week would love to be put on the spot and top of knowing the information that I know on how to market your music.

Who inspired you to make music and why?

50 Cent inspired me to do music when I was young age like 8 or 9 listening to Candy Shop. My dad had subs in his explore van and the bass free my attention also the vibe made me want to party. My favorite movie is Get Rich or Die Tryin’ it beats the nitrous Big movie and Tupac movies till day. 

What do you have going on currently?

Currently I’m working on project with Dj Flippp, Dela Wesst, Yung Smilez, JBanga Beats, YoungFrenchy808, Its64boy & more on my next EP called King of the OceanFront. Also I just released a single “FINETO” with Dela Wesst 3 months ago Distributed by EMPIRE. Around the end of March the music video to Fineto will be released and I planning on promoting the video on BET JAMS coming soon.

Where can we find your latest music?

You can find my music on any social media platform to YouTube, SoundCloud, Apple Music, Spotify and more. But definitely follow me on Instagram @ cyffaleyenda. All my new material and updated projects will always be posted there. 

Who have you worked with in the industry ?

I’ve worked with Dela Wesst, YOUNGFRENCHY808, Alisha M’Jestie Brooks, Michael Copon, Jolley Brothers, Opened for Megan thee Stallion and Rah Digga, Performed at The NORVA, SOBSNYC & more.

What type of advise would you give someone starting out in the music industry? 

My only advice is to never give up. Everything in life is hard but you must learn to stay focused. Find resources and make your own connections. Through that you can turn it into a business and become the source that everyone needs.

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