Shazia Kimatrai is a Senior Behavioral Therapist who conducts Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy to individuals who have Autism. Once you understand her background and what she has endured on her journey, you will understand why she is such a passionate individual for her calling.

By the time Shazia was 3, she lived in 3 different countries. Her family started in India, then traveled to Singapore and made a last stop in Sydney Australia at the age of 3.5, where she currently resides. Growing up in Australia, Shazia found a passion for photography which she became zealously inspired by the landscapes and people. During her travels around the world, Shazia found a passion for photography. One day while shooting she was approached by a brand who wanted her to represent them. After hearing about their offer, she said “Yes” and this opportunity changed her life forever.

Not only is she an amazing behavioral therapist, brand ambassador, freelance fashion model and influencer; she has started her own business with her good friend and business partner called Encourage Group. Encourage group specializes with individuals on Autism Spectrum conducting behavioral therapy. She would love to add a Speech Pathology branch to the business once she completes her Masters in Speech Pathology in November.  Shazia’s past experiences have continued to shape her life. Coming into her own liberation, she knew she was meant to help others feel just as empowered.

Humanitarian acts give Shazia peace in her heart, as she’s always had a passion for service. Shazia has volunteered for charities and helped raise money for individuals in need. CaraCare is one of the charities she assisted in organizing fundraising charity events. In 2019 Shazia was nominated for Miss World Australia which is when she started volunteering for Varity Children’s Charity. Shazia loves giving back to society in any way she can.

Shazia truly values all the amazing people that are inspired by her, she feels they are a key part of making her dreams come true. When it comes to creating content for these amazing people, she wishes to post all day every day. However, with Shazia’s busy schedule she is not able to post as much as she would like. She knows that it is important to take time for herself too. A huge part of taking care of others is being able to do it for yourself, that is how you build a supportable influence.

Across all of Shazia’s social media accounts she likes to present herself in the most authentic way. Whether it’s places she likes to visit or eat, take pictures, her charity works, you can find it online. If Shazia doesn’t believe in something she will be open and transparent and that’s what her followers love the most. She doesn’t post any content that she doesn’t believe in, therefore Shazia is always being 100% transparent with her followers.

Shazia sees the bigger picture in all her current endeavors, and each endeavor aligns perfectly with her vision of the future. By accomplishing her goals, she will continue to build a legacy and inspire people across the world.  

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