Playing, growing and maturing far from your land is not easy at all. The positive side of the experiences abroad, however, lies in the ability to temper and strengthen the character. A classic example of this is Sabadell’s offensive midfielder Katio Landi, he play in the Segunda Division B championship in Spain and has a great history behind it. The 28-year-old boy from Cava de ‘Tirreni plays in a league that is equivalent to our Lega Pro but with greater prominence.

Katio, first of all tell us how are you and how is the situation in Spain? Have you also adopted smart working after the suspension of the championships? Here in Spain we are doing well, even if we have been locked in for some time, a bit like what happened in Italy. Like many teams, we are training via Skype via videoconference. The power supply is also controlled and they pay close attention in respecting the prevention controls to avoid the virus from contracting. There is a lot of scrupulousness in view of a possible resumption of the championships.

Are there any differences both in football and in the cultural sphere between Spain and Italy? The level of Segunda Division B is similar to that of the Italian Lega Pro. There are many good teams scattered among the various groups. The only extra prestige, perhaps, is represented by the presence of the B teams of the big La Liga. In our group, for example, there are both Barcelona B and Espanyol B. Playing against Barça B is spectacular because of their structures, their fields and the fan base. Of course, something extra is given by the sponsors. Segunda Division B is much more sponsored on a marketing level than the Italian Lega Pro. The higher category player has his contacts and sponsors. This year I had the Nissan sponsor that I had the pleasure of representing in the Champions League final. It is certainly more difficult to attract certain sponsors to Italy in the lower categories.

What are these experiences teaching you abroad? I grew up on the character level and also on the personality level in the locker room. Perhaps, however, the time has come to return to Italy (he smiles).

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