The entertainment industry of India is the largest source of employment generation. And why not? Who isn’t swayed by the illustrious ooze coming from the entertainment world? If you think that this land is only for actors, directors, and other such artists, then no! You got it wrong! It’s because the entertainment industry is also a favourite niche for entrepreneurs. Yes, you read it correctly! And proof of the aforementioned sentence is Sahil Suri.

This experienced businessman is venturing into the recreational world with some serious business plans. Let’s find out more about those!!!

Well, lately, Sahil Suri has been making headlines for buying a few stakes in a renowned nightlife company. We are delighted to disclose that it’s true! A month ago, Sahil bought stakes in Dejavu Entertainment and Events, which is the leading name in Dubai’s nightlife domain. The company is owned by the aced entrepreneur Rahul Kaul. This step of Sahil Suri marked his foray into the entertainment world. But he has some bigger plans!

Soon after entering the event sector of the entertainment world, the mindful businessman disclosed his plans to join the Bollywood film industry. Besides being an entrepreneur, Sahil Suri wanted to test his skills as a producer, and therefore, he is aiming to launch a production house in Mumbai soon.

Knowing all these plans, we are sure that he is going to create a huge stir in the entertainment world. But why did Sahil Suri target this sector as his business place? Here’s what he said: “The entertainment industry has millions of consumers and it is one of the most popular workplaces for every second person. Hence, why not? May it be Bollywood or nightlife, no one can stay away from feeding their hunger for amusement.”

Do you also agree with what Sahil Suri has to say? Oh, we all do! One can clearly see that he has got some lauded market skills. The entrepreneur is also the founder of an IT company and also owns a luxury cafe in Indirapuram called Marshmallow. We hope all his further plans meet with success.

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