Jertaker claimed at the beginning of 2022 that he was loading the canon. He stated that he was getting ready to fire away with all the plans he had in store for the public.

Relating to music, he released two songs this year. The first is considered a work of art. The name of this great song is “Big Check,” by Buffalo, NY artist: KB the Champion, featuring Jertaker. He is also from Buffalo, NY. This song contained a fantastic singing hip-hop style that many enjoyed, and Jertaker claimed it was one of his favorite styles. Second, he released his first animated music video with a song remix and had many teams help create it. This song was the remix to Jertaker’s admired song: Wasted, featuring Buffalo, NY artists: Dylan Toole and Grenzy. It became the Wasted Dysphoric Edition or just Wasted Remix, depending on the platform.

Wasted Dysphoric Edition got its name because of the Erie and dysphoric feel to the song and animated music video. It was a collaboration between Jertaker and another Buffalo talent who happens to be a DJ going by REZI. However, what caught most people off guard was the genre. It was a mix of hip-hop and electric dance music, or EDM, which happens to be new for Jertaker. However, some say they aren’t surprised due to the multiple talents Jertaker possesses. Also, his record of mixing various genres, like his song: Moment of Truth featuring Boston, MA artist: PVRTH. This song contained hip-hop, pop, and rock. We are excited to see whether he keeps up the variety and diversity or if he will stick to one style after this.

This year Jertaker has also brought us a fantastic trailer for his entertainment channel. The trailer contained an excellent feel for what to expect with Jertaker and his content, wrestling, and music. Unfortunately, Jertaker has been a little quiet with vlogs and content. But that is because he had featured on many other channels on YouTube. Some include Faithful Film Fanatic, Musverse, Lifting the Veil 716, Two in the Cooler, Iconstar Podcast/network, and others. He was also featured in the background scenes in a music video for Buffalo, NY artist Street Soprano part of the Black Soprano Family (BSF), and featured G Premacy. The name of this song is “It Is What It Is,” which was a very great song and had great visuals.

Check the link below to see this music video:

Jertaker also happened to host an episode of Faithful Film Fanatic. Terry Roy, on standard terms, hosts Faithful Film Fanatic. Terry is currently in the process of improving and networking to grow his podcast. Jertaker became a part of the team and is now the video editor, and assists Terry in any way he can. In that episode Jertaker hosted, Jertaker interviewed the director Marcelo Grion and two actors, Mark Vasconcellos and Tony Devoto, from the movie “The Prototype.” They were asked questions based on the film, how they became who they are, and their career. Terry made it clear that he appreciated Jertaker stepping up and hosting that episode when he couldn’t.

Jertaker just recently performed for a few well-known companies. One was BET, another being WUFO Power 96.5, and lastly, FAB 94.5 THE HITZ. The BET performance was on January 16th, 2022, and was the first time BET came to Buffalo, NY. The other performance was with WUFO Power 96.5 and FAB 94.5 THE HITZ from Chicago on April 16th, 2022. These shows had a lot of great artists perform.

Let’s hope Jertaker keeps up the immense workload. There is probably more to come since the year is not even halfway over. We shall wait and see what the future has in store for us from Jertaker and his production.

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