Prior to streaming sites such as Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal taking over the music scene, without major label backing, a musician or label owner had limited options to reach fans. Convincing one’s local Target, BestBuy or Walmart to carry independent artists’ CDs or singles were out of the question, therefore mom and pop stores were, at many times, the only alternative. Of course, there was the “Out of the Trunk” selling option where many proved to have done well with as far as reach into their local neighborhoods. However, fast forward to today, any artist can distribute a digital copy of their project online to multiple stores with ease for a small fee. Where the major labels saw an issue with the new transition of physical distribution over to online stores, Tiffany saw promise and opportunity to study the new blueprint as technology advanced. 

While SS Global Entertainment, formerly known as Blasia’s Entertainment, was founded in 2006, in 2013, the company partnered with LRT Music Group who had a direct partnership with Ingrooves Music Group and from there the conglomerate began to build its network and roster to over 5,000 artists and 64 record labels. As it expanded, the company has since distributed for acts such as Missy Elliott, E40, Moneybagg Yo, Chris Brown, Lauryn Hill just to name a few. 

Today, there are a plethora of digital service fee distributors that present musicians the opportunity to upload their projects onto online retailers. For a small administration fee, sites like TuneCore and CD Baby offer musicians the ability to upload their songs onto all major digital platforms. While SS Global Entertainment offers the same services, the company takes their relationship with clients a step further by offering one-on-one consultations, marketing strategy options and below industry rate marketing packages to both mutually benefit from their non-exclusive partnership. In addition, the company’s artists are also taught strategies on how to improve profit and streams to help enhance their reach globally through programs offered exclusively to its members.

The deal structure is a 70/30 split, in favor of the artist. Unlike the typical industry practices, SSG offers so much more than just distribution. While the initial service and membership stems from distribution, their current model has the infrastructure to develop new talent through radio promotion, press campaigns and management spearheaded by the company’s founder and CEO, Tiffany Gaines. 

“What’s most exciting about our company is that we actually watch artists come from nothing to blooming into something worth being proud of. We educate, provide opportunities that our competitors don’t, and for that reason alone, we are confident we will continue to make strides in the music and entertainment industry”. She says. 

“The irony of it all, is that when I first started the company, people would always say things like, “she has to let it go and stop claiming she’s going to help artists go “global” … if anything it should be called “SS Local”. Fast forward to today, from 3 artists to expanding into a media company acquiring over 10 radio stations featuring syndicated shows such as Steve Harvey in the Morning, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, The Breakfast Club just to name a few, and 45 plus online and print publications, the irony of the past talks is now raising eyebrows and it makes me smile”.

Despite what others had to say about the industry powerhouse, the truth reigns high in that Tiffany truly sits as an example of the saying, “Hard Work Pays Off”.

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