In this era, we are seeing many young entrepreneurs taking over the business world. Such gifted youngsters are making everyone believe that everything is possible. The beginning they possess and how their sheer will at such a young age helps them change their life course is wonderfully inspiring. They acknowledge the worth of the business world and its perks as a result achieve high in the future. These youngsters we are talking about not only make money but stun the world with their skills. Today we brought you Mohamed Coulibaly, one of such raw young exquisite entrepreneurs who are literally shining like a diamond in the industry.


Mohamed Coulibaly is a 19-year-old businessman from Philadelphia. He is a graduate of Temple University with a degree in Business Management. Coulibaly is passionate about two things; professionalism and soccer which are why he is an entrepreneur as well as a soccer player. The enthusiasm for soccer and his sharp mind which got the fact of the public’s growing fervor for games made him choose a shoe firm. After completing his studies, while carrying the soccer career, he established his company Heat Kick City through and through. Today his enterprise is worth 1.7 million dollars.        

Background History

Mohamed Coulibaly belongs to a noble family in Philadelphia. He is a descendant of the Mansa Musa who once was the ruler of the Mali Empire, one of the most powerful and richest Islamic West African States. Mansa Musa was famous for his outstanding methods to expand his trade. It is believed that Mohamed Coulibaly possesses the same leadership, entrepreneurship, problem-solving skills, and respect as of the great emperor Mansa Musa. His behavior towards his community people, especially the poor has allowed him to gain the trust and respect of others at such a young age. He gives back to his community by providing his firm kicks at cheap price rates which everyone can afford. Moreover, he gives away thousands of dollars for food, clothing, and shoes for the homeless and needy people.        

About Heat Kick City

Mohamed Coulibaly’s brand Heat Kick City has proven to be a unique style of life. It is gaining a lot of fans and users all around the world. Its products are one of a kind providing top-class quality and pricing. Coulibaly strongly believes in quality production instead of profit-making.

Another factor for the popularity of his shoes is his business tactics which involve strategies like shoe fixation, sporting influence, cultural significance, and by and large impact. Moreover, it provides an economical lifestyle with a positive ambiance to its people. These tactics are what have made him stand out in crowded industries like a business.  

Future Plans of Muhammad Coulibaly  

Mohamed Coulibaly is already ready to build a black-owned business on Temple Campus till mid-2022. The purpose is to provide students with affordable kicks. He has been working with multiple celebs and huge brands such as Cool Kicks, Sole World, as well as re-known athletes and rappers.   

Check out his Twitter @Mohc21.

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