The Indian musician based in the United States says he’s fortunate enough to be chosen by music. Akshit Dhadwal is a guitarist and composer. He started as a hobby in class 12th and later took it as a career. He completed his summer program at Berklee College of Music and graduated from Quincy College, Boston, MA, USA.

Music was originally never his plan to opt for, it was god-gifted. Music has given him so much that many dreams of. Now he is gearing up to teach students various skills that he has gained from his past 10 years of experience. 

Akshit said, “I want to pass on the teachings of my gurus to others.” In 2015, I started my academy in Pune, Maharashtra, Veena Music Academy, named after my mother Arveena Dhadwal. With Santosh Iyer on my side, the academy was started where age was not a barrier. Anyone can join the academy who wants to learn, has the passion, and wants to enhance his skills in Guitar and Casio.

After coming to the United States, I was teaching students here in Boston and continued to pass on the knowledge that I have in music. The students enrolled amazed me because they were very passionate about music and had the zeal to learn. I also enjoyed it a lot while teaching them. The culture was different but we were speaking the same language i.e. language of music, he added.

How People Can Contact You? Don’t You Think Location Wouldn’t be a barrier?

The location wouldn’t be a barrier because in this pandemic everything got virtual so if a person is from India or USA or any other place, they can contact me through my website and can reach out to me easily. I will do my best to guide them and help as much as I can.

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