It seems that whenever we complain about the price of any jewelry, the common answer is:
‘’you are paying for the quality’’. One of the biggest misconceptions that retail companies
want you to believe is that price equals quality because it simply doesn’t and Freyatreasures
is proof of that.
Ever since its creation in late 2018, Freyatreasures kept up with affordable prices, and whilst
the quality has definitely improved throughout the years; the prices remained pretty much the
same. You may ask, how does the quality improve with the same price? The answer is a
simple one: research and experience.
Something that the founder of Freyatreasures was lacking at first but with trial and error,
comes learning and perfecting .After working tirelessly, they found the perfect formula for the
cheapest price and elite quality which they say is achievable and is worth the practice.
The sturdy quality of Freyatreasures come first from the 304 stainless steel used to design
and craft the jewelry that allows it to be waterproof and a hypoallergenic.It also gives it the
perfect gold color to shine and be the center of attenion and discreet at the same time. Not
to mention, the jewels have been made with the utmost attention to details. Many days if not
weeks go behind the different designs created so they can enhance, accessorize and
embellish your outfits and mood.
Apart from the focal point of pricing, Freyatreasures did not have to give up much to be
affordable. Their packaging is down right cute and practical, their customer service is helpful
and fast and they highly curate their social media presence and imaging to be conscious of
the times and take stances on social issues which is always appreciated. A testament that
shows we have been brainwashed to believe that there is no quality in budget friendly items.
When the reality is that brands like Freyatreasures can do it all without skimping on any
aspect, they even fight and fund charities that help domestic violence survivors. A choice
they could finally commit to after reaching 50 000 customers and 200k followers, being
featured by household name influencers and flying through many milestones. They say that
it is all thanks to their Freya Angels which is the name of their customers.
They hold their customers to a high standard and you can tell that each and every one of
them is dearly appreciated. They even offer an ambassador program on their website so that
their clients can be more involved in the brand, they constantly organise giveaways and
overall spoil their customers.
It is simple proof that hard work always pays off especially when you choose to have the
consumer’s best interest at heart. Moreover, making beautiful jewelry does help them win
over more and more customers that fall in love with all aspects of the brand and always
come back wanting more. Especially with the Freya team continuously dropping new arrivals
and keeping us on our toes. Making the process of picking out jewelry more and more
entertaining and enjoyable