To those that are less fortunate, minorities, and those that need second chances, finding training or employment can be difficult. We live in a hard world that doesn’t have it’s hand out often, but I don’t think anyone told that to Mr. Cassel. Founder and head operator of The Rising Stars foundation, a non-profit that as of this article’s writing has helped over 1200 of the less privileged not only get training, but find employment. We aren’t speaking of kitchen clean up either, we’re talking restaurant kitchen management from the start! 

The major benefit is likely that you  learn restaurant training and classical technique at the same time. As a journalist that personally knows those out of work right now from that industry, I’m very proud to hear Freddie is out here doing god’s work for the people that really need it. Might just book him for my wedding coming up, now that I know they cater weddings and large scale birthday parties as well.

They’ve also been taking over board programs in Houston, TX, and bringing food to them. The local venue Azuza is seeing a lot of Freddie hosting a Sunday brunch AND thursday nights as well as Club Space in Midtown on Friday nights. (I’ll have to check those out, you should too!)

Aside from food the foundation will be releasing a clothing line of the same name, the first fashion show set for July in collaboration with Paul Mitchell Hair and Houston Legenday record label, Rap-A-Lot Records. The theme being “Diamonds in the Rough” showcasing models that are cut from every part of life. Sticking with the theme of giving chances to regular people that have been through it like the rest of us. That being said they won’t be cheap with the designers, some of which the fashion world know to be the best in Houston.

All in all after doing the interview and learning what I have of Mr. Freddie Cassel, or @chef_boy_R_Fred as he goes by on IG, I have nothing but wonderful things to say. This is a humble man of many talents, doing what he can to give back in the world even if he dominated the conversation just a bit. Can’t wait to come down to Houston and try you out Fred, Keep up god’s work sir!