Alana Monteiro and Renny have been dating since 2016- the couple has travelled all over together, quarantined together and recently revealed their secret relationship on the cover of Grazia Magazine. But there’s more to the relationship than just that!

On Valentines day, 2021, comedian Renny and Supermodel Alana Monteiro revealed their relationship to the world. Fans on Social Media were thrilled that these two were announcing their relationship with an impactful, romantic and powerful magazine cover.

They’ve Been Together Longer Than Fans Expected
So how long have Alana Monteiro and Renny been together? 5 years! The two began their relationship after meeting in 2016, according to About Insider.

They Met Backstage At One Of Renny’s Comedy Shows
With Alana and Renny meeting in 2016, it’s not known where or how the two met but it’s been said at one of Renny’s shows. With the two being from the East Coast, Queens New York (Renny) and New Bedford, MA (Monteiro), respectfully, it’s amazing that the two found love.

They’ve Been Enjoying Quarantining Together
COVID-19 has made a significant impact on couples who were quarantining together. It made and broke many! For Alana and Renny, quarantine brought them closer. With both unable to travel extensively for work, it was much needed alone time for the couple.

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