This time Killah collaborated with famous artist Bryant Taylorr. The collaboration of both artists has stunned the audience. The song was released a few days ago with the official music video which can be seen on Killah’s official channel on YouTube. However, you can download and listen to the mp3 form of the song from various music websites such as Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, Deezer, etc.   


Jeremy London aka Killah Calico is a famous Nashville local hip-hop singer, songwriter, and actor. He began his music career with the rap band Bezzeled Group. This rap group was very popular especially after releasing the song ‘Music city miracle’. It increased the fan following of the group as well as good repute among the raping community. Unfortunately, the group got separated after a while and now all the members carry their careers solo. However, Killah is the one getting the most fame and honor of them all with more than 4k followers on merely Instagram.

Killah Calico’s Work

Killah has released many songs but the most famous ones are his music video series. These series are famous for their video quality, video content, and lyrics. The reason behind such popularity is the relation of these videos to a little extent with reality. Each video shows a case or situation related to real life. Recently, he released the third episode of the series titled ‘It ain’t kool 2 snitches’ which unfortunately offended some people whereas Killah never had the intention for it.

However, Calico’s most recent single ‘Said what I said’, helped him in gaining the love of many people again. The song is already getting hits and played on various music channels. The feedback of the song is amazing. People are inspired by the song lyrics as well as the video. The lyrics of the song are loved due to its cool vibes. It narrates the confidence, self-awareness of the singer and how he is not going to be destroyed by negative things or people.

Plus the video of the song and its quality again won the hearts of music fans. The video is shot outside the airplane’s hangar with 3 to 4 airplanes present. Some clips for the video were also shot in an old rusty yet lavish airplane to give a cool shot. And believe us, it does look cool. The video was shot and directed by famous music video director Ed Pryor.

Another quality trait of the song is Bryant Taylorr. Featuring the famous hip hop artist Bryant Taylorr, another Nashville rapper has created more fans of the song. Bryant Taylorr is the one who released rapping gems such as Juice EP and Strange rooms which was a turning point for all music industry.

Both artists have given their best and the people are loving their awesome performance. No doubt that Killah Calico is raising his status in the industry, giving other singers a competition.   

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