Traveling the world with a laptop, Lior Poly makes most of his daily profits before breakfast.

We all dream of the lifestyle this guy has… the jet setting, working beachside with a beer, traveling anywhere you want, and working with nothing but a laptop… It sounds like a dream. To all of us who are stuck in the 9-5, it might as well be. 

For Lior Poly, however, the life of the digital nomad was always his ambition. At age 15, when his teachers were threatening to kick him out of school for his attachment to his laptop, nobody could have guessed that the same device would make him his millions. While others were wasting weekends getting drunk, Lior was saving his cash and making money from AdSense.

A Teen Prodigy

At 17, Lior was making his first dollars. By 19, he had seen the affiliate marketing light and set himself up as an internet mogul. By 21, he had surpassed the million-dollar mark. He bought his first home, began life as an Angel Investor, and now owns an international company with three offices across multiple countries employing staff on a regional basis.

What started his success? Lior puts it down to get in on the internet entrepreneur game at precisely the right time. He was among some of the first internet affiliate marketers, running his website to help him make money and inspiring a new generation of internet moguls who came after him. 

How to Be a Digital Nomad?

Although he owns his own home, Lior Poly has several international business interests. Rather than take his laptop to the beach, you are more likely to find him in high-end hotels, five-star restaurants, or enjoying the finer things in life. For those like him, that means champagne and fast cars; for others among us, that means a laid-back life and getting out of the rat race.

So how do you follow in Lior Poly’s footsteps to get out of that rat race and become a digital nomad yourself? You follow his plan for internet success.

The Plan

First of all, you will need to choose a niche and plan your website; if you can lay down a small initial investment to help you get those sales, great. If not, opt for a free Wix site and work your way up from there.

Next, put a few ads on the content of your page. The internet revolves around content at the moment—those that make it and those that sell it. If you are providing it, you can monetize it through Google AdSense or a similar site. Once monetized, you can begin to reach out to affiliates to start selling their products.

Affiliate Marketing is a Great Stepping Stone

If you want to stick to the digital nomad lifestyle where you travel all you like and work from where you can get a Wi-Fi connection: you can keep affiliate marketing. If you want the internet millionaire lifestyle, you need to step it up.From affiliate marketing, start investing in small projects you like the sound of. Stick to evergreen products and services. Eventually, what you give out will begin to come back and, just like Lior Poly, you could be living the high life.

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