Digital Marketing is the use of online advertising tools to pitch products and services to potential customers. Most of the world’s population today spend most of their time online, and therefore companies are increasingly incorporating digital marketing into their marketing strategies. 

Hakar Mahmoud is an entrepreneur who is famous for his digital marketing, mostly film and celebrity promotion. Hakar gives the following basic digital marketers strategies to this online marketing space looking to get maximum results. 

1. Be acquainted with your audience

As a digital marketer, you need to distinguish your brand and the demographic that your brand targets. This will allow you to choose the best digital platforms to promote your brand and use the appropriate online tools to convert your target customers into successful sales.

2. Define specific goals

A comprehensive write-up of your brand goals will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses you may have, and hence you can strategize accordingly. Hakar says that you could use analytical tools on google to track your progress and manage your goal achievement.

3. Optimize the performance of all your accounts 

Ensure that all your social media accounts have quality photos and videos and that you regularly interact with your customers on all the relevant platforms. Your website should also be aesthetically pleasing and fast. The fastest way to lose potential customers is by little to no engagement when they reach out. They eventually get tired and look for alternatives. Therefore, it is in your best interest to see that all your accounts are functioning to their fullest capability to get the most from each of them. 

4. Remain consistent

Your brand is representative of you, and therefore, you should ensure that it speaks well for you. Inconsistency in what your brand represents will cost you customers; hence you need to have a consistent voice.

5. Provide quality content

The content you put out should continually be engaging, original, and quality. Good content will easily win over customers for you without you breaking so much of a sweat.

6.  Use Smart tools

There are numerous platforms for online marketing, and handling each one of them can be tiresome. Hakar says that there are available smart tools like Hoot suite, Buffer, and Everypost that allow you to manage several social media accounts simultaneously. Other tools like Mail Chimp help with email marketing, while Adroll will help you re-market to loyal customers. 

7. Make use of TV and Radio ads

Although these are more traditional marketing strategies, their potential for acquiring customers cannot be ignored. You can combine your robust online presence with some of these traditional marketing strategies to optimize your results.Digital marketing is evolving to be a significant player in the marketing industry for years to come. Getting acquainted with it will save you the cost of outsourcing online advertising.

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