I’m here with Patricia Pinto. She’s an actress, former model, founder of La Creme Angels Inc, and the CEO of La Creme Modeling & Acting Agency. Her NJ Modeling and Acting agency La Creme Modeling & Acting recently put 23 models in Robin Thicke and Flo Rida’s music video. The video was titled “I Don’t Like It, I Love It” and was shot in New Jersey. The casting director was Francesca Pinto and Monica Pinto of Hypmosis Visuals. La Creme Angels Founder Patricia Pinto was the agent. Patricia Pinto and her team is here to tell us what the experience was like and give tips to aspiring models and actors.

Briefly, the video was released in 2015 and has since received 92 million views on YouTube and 375 million plays on Spotify. The video features an outdoor party scene with an ice cream truck.

Patricia Pinto says that both artists were nice enough to let her and her talent take numerous pictures with them. Patricia and Monica also say that this music video shoot was a quick one to film because it was only one location, in contrast to most shoots.

Patricia Pinto also says this music video was one of her favorites to shoot because it was near her agency in NJ. Patricia Pinto also says she liked the city vibe that the music video had and the fact that there was an ice cream truck on set for the talent. She recommends talent to use an agent to find jobs because it’s the easiest way and it saves talent time.

It was a very innovative video, to say the least. The music video and song both did numbers and made it to the charts for quite some time. It’s a big success for La Creme and Patricia Pinto. This is one of her best and biggest works.

Monica Pinto says it was great to work with the artists in NJ. The artists are not from NJ so it’s interesting to see them decide to film in NJ. NJ is up and coming when it comes to music videos and movies. More and more people are shooting there and Monica says she thinks it’s going to be bigger than NYC since more people are moving to the suburbs because of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The suburbs are on the rise and cities are still thinking about how to grip with the new times.

Al Cosby says it was nice to meet Flo Rida and he’s been a long time fan of him ever since he was a kid. Flo Rida is nice in person Al Cosby says. Al Cosby also says the weather was nice the day of the shoot so that helped a lot with the video. Since it’s an outdoor shoot they need to plan a few days before and make sure the weather will be beautiful. Some shoots want to shoot in the rain but that was not the vibe Flo Rida or Robin Thicke were going for on this music video shoot today.

Nicholas Pinto says the camera crew did a great job and everything on set was very organized. He also wants to give a big thanks to everyone for their hard work on this music video shoot set that took place in New Jersey. La Creme Modeling & Acting works with big musicians and actors like Flo Rida and Robin Thicke frequently. La Creme says they recently booked another music video shoot for A-Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and Flipp Dinero. They also shot a movie during COVID-19 and multiple commercials. The entertainment industry is adapting to COVID-19 well and Patricia Pinto says things have not slowed down what so ever. In fact, if anything, it’s increased the amount of work. Especially “wfh” (work from home) work like virtual casting calls that are shot at home on Zoom with the casting directors. It’s a great way for anyone from anywhere in the world to audition for a role. All you need is an internet connection.

Closing thoughts and key takeaways

You should get a talent agent because it’s easier to get booked for jobs using one.

The entertainment industry business is more alive than ever, even with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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