Scott Hughes has pioneered efforts in bringing books, literature, and their communities to the internet, which could be a sensational tool for book readers around the world to explore diverse arts and literature.  Scott launched OnlineBookClub back in 2006 with headquarters in Manchester, Connecticut, USA. At the time, it seemed almost ridiculous that books could be provided on the internet and people would read and discuss them there. But, with the advancement of technology, OnlineBookClub proved this idea right. Now, OnlineBookClub has more than two million active monthly users and thousands of forums regarding books from almost every genre.

Behind the scenes, OnlineBookClub is a masterpiece of algorithmic work and webpage design. A core concept of the platform is to be “open for all”. This feature of OnlineBookClub allows users to have free space to be creative and contribute something positive back to the platform. Although OnlineBookClub is a privately owned website, it works with assistance and feedback from its community. Users can simply put a query in the search tool to find the relevant topic and its algorithm will automatically connect the user with the forum which is most suitable for them. The website also remembers preferences and uses modern software development allowing for cross-referencing as well as easier and more efficient exploration. Despite years of continuous improvements, upgrades, and new features, the brilliance of the website’s design is shown by, its ongoing compatibility with its original features without impediment to its newer features. 

OnlineBookClub was started in a time when there were no eBook sellers like Kindle and online book clubs did not exist. It was ahead of its time. In the 15 years its been online, the OnlineBookClub garnered global outreach. It is no longer about local or small clubs with limited books and literature content, instead, the OnlineBookClub is an open online global platform that can be instantly accessed by anyone from any part of the world. OnlineBookClub remains free of cost to join, use, and, if you want, receive regular updates. Users can control which updates to receive.  According to Scott, the basic idea behind OnlineBookClub is to provide an open and welcoming environment for people from all nationalities and cultures to share good literature and discourse without having fear of any judgement. Even after more than 15 years, the spirit of the platform remains the same and it has reached its goal of being a trulyglobal book club. To find out more about OnlineBookClub, visit and you can access the forums and discussions at Scott Hughes can be reached out through his social media at, Instagram: @scott_hughes/ or Twitter: @scottmhughes.

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