If you are living under a rock, you must not be aware of what “The Islander chef” is. Well enlightening you and simultaneously clarifying this confusing island-y equation, it is with great pleasure to inform you that The Islander Chef is a remarkable recipe book by none other than Chef Adam Schihab.

Adam Schihab is a chef extraordinaire, patissier, food inventor and has many more achievements under his sleeve. His reputation surpasses him, as he is well known for wooing the world by his creation from the look, to taste and to aroma. With more than 20 years of service in the global food industry, he finally graced the world with the recipes of his most exquisite, mouth-watering and demanded sweet dishes, dishes and food area/niche he is most commonly associated with, and the stepping stone of his career.

He stated that he had no plans to publish a recipe book, but due to the overwhelming requests he was getting from his followers and fans on social media, his friend and even his family, he finally jotted down the recipes he believed was a great way to honor his mentors, global master chefs and his customer base and treats their taste buds.

His book is unlike other traditional recipe books in the market; it not only has a well-curated selection of recipes from the Islander chef himself but notable master chefs such as Gregoire Michaud and Alexandre Ferreira.

His recipe book is a very interesting read, to say the least; despite having intricate decadent dishes like macarons, cakes, pastries, croissants, chocolate tarts and more, his recipes are straightforward, easy to understand and follow. No fancy wordings that may halt layman to dive into the exciting world of food.

Another great thing that is noticeable is how Chef Schihab channeled his experiences and learning from his places of work and educational institutions and put them into words to help readers, potential and struggling chefs to gain an insight into the life of the professional food industry.

In his 20-year long career, Chef Schihab has successfully mastered many techniques such as Moul-Bie T45 and T55, which he has adequately explained in his book to help individuals create the perfect crispy croissants that their palette crave. Similarly has mentioned and explained many such techniques to facilitate the readers in the best way possible.

Upon reading the recipe book, it is clearly evident that chef Schihab didn’t publish his recipe book “The Islander Chef” for the sake of publishing one to be on par with the culinary timeline, but he did so to give back to the people who helped him in making him this big-shot chef in the competitive food industry.

He says so himself that the book is a token of appreciation from him to all the people who supported him in his journey and received his creation well, whether it was a traditional dish or his own spin on one or something altogether out of the ordinary, people praise it and demand more, too which he can never thank them enough.

So if you are someone who is a big foodie or trying to make their food to the culinary well, we highly recommend getting your hands on this amazing recipe book. So start sharpening your skills to create sweet delights to woo and salivate your and others taste buds extensively.

Grace the palette and tempt the eyes with the decadent, delicious sweet treats in your kitchen, through you but courtesy of Chef Schihab. Follow on Instagram@adamschihab

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