Who knew a comedic song video that went viral back in 2016 would introduce us to a world-class American rapper! M City J.R., also known as City, is a rapper, a singer, a songwriter, and even the creator and co-founder of the Yacht Club Social Network brand, which includes photography, music collective, and apparel. Yes, you’re thinking right, he’s the same kind that we define as multi-talented. The Y.C.S.N. brand is highly popular among people who love rap songs and are too much into music. However, he did not achieve all this in one night. His success story is a real motivation for several people. Thus, many people look up to him as an inspiration, and to be honest, he truly has such qualities!

D’Andre Jamal Mason started with music by working on various projects for around a decade. During this time, he did not gain much popularity, but he became even more sure about how committed he was to music. He decided to give his heart and soul to it for the rest of his life. So, he chose to perform on the Detroit underground hip-hop and rap scene. It was in 2014 when he came up his first famous track – Grindin’. This track didn’t become too popular but was enough to kickstart the confidence of the upcoming artist. After all, all he needed was a little push to get going. Grindin’ was not his original track but was a remix of Lil Wayne’s song that he made with GodS way and Geech. A lot of people loved the remix, and with this, City got himself registered in “10 Detroit artists you should know in 2015.” This was an excellent thing for him as he started getting a little recognition.

In January 2015, Mason came up with another single – Salmonella –that featured Addub Da Gawd and Sino as artists. This single, too, was a hit and was also included in Loose Change vol.2 of C.O.I.N. Handlers. This was when D’Andre Jamal Mason became M. City J.R. and then just City. His fans called him City, and he kept this nickname. Besides the music field, City also formed the Yacht Club Social Network (Y.C.S.N.) music collective in collaboration with Geechi and CEOWaun. This was the time when City developed pace, and since then, there was no looking back. He took every chance that allowed him to be on stage and spread his magic among people. So, he used to perform at several shows and festivals like Loose Change and Hot 107.5 Summer Jamz. Not just this, he also won awards for his outstanding performances. 

Unfortunately, City met with an accident in 2015. But as they say, no situations or no people can hold back real talent and spirit. The same happened with City as well. Although he was injured, he decided not to stop and keep going. Thus, a recovery party was organized, and a docu-video –Road to Recovery – was shot. It was not just a video for him, but during this time, he learned that if a person is truly determined to achieve his goals, he should keep going and going. At the end of 2015, he released another single – Cake – which was somewhat, not entirely, his own story. The single depicted a boy who leaves his home at a very young age and comes to Detroit to achieve his dreams. He portrayed the desperation that comes along with the efforts of finding proper prospects and opportunities in a desolate area. Fleeing from home wasn’t a part of the City’s life, but the desperation for opportunities was. 

Then, in 2016, came the most-awaited and surprising moment of City’s life. He released a single – Addicted to my Ex – and it was a super-duper hit. The music video went viral, and people from all over the world started sending love to City. They loved his work so much that it hit a record much more massive than expected. The single also debuted on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart, that too at no. 15! A few days later, it also hit no. 41 on the Hot R&B/Hip hop Songs chart. With record-high streams and plays on several platforms, ‘Addicted to my Ex’ also crossed millions of plays on TikTok and remained in the Top Songs’ list for five years straight.

City expresses his gratitude to his fans whenever possible and promises them to give such hits regularly. His new song ‘Proud of You’ has recently debuted worldwide. He kept setting new goalposts and kept achieving them in his life.

“My goals have changed throughout my career. Currently my goal is to produce as much art, to influence as many people as I possibly can.”

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