The Academy Awards on Friday declared that they would scrap their arrangement to grant a handful of Oscars amid the show’s commercial breaks.

“Nine days until the showtime, still tweaking the script,” the Academy tweeted.

The inversion concerned when the classifications for cinematography, film altering, live action short and cosmetics and hairstyling would be granted, they said in a news release.

In the wake of getting “feedback” from Academy membership, it was chosen that all Oscars “will be presented without edits, in our traditional format.”

The Academy got warmth following their declaration recently that the winning speeches for those four classifications would rather be publicized in a consolidated, taped portion amid the broadcast.

The American Society of Cinematographers additionally issued an open-letter that hammered the academy’s plans as an insult to cinema.

“When the recognition of those responsible for the creation of outstanding cinema is being diminished by the very institution whose purpose it is to protect it, then we are no longer upholding the spirit of the academy’s promise to celebrate film as a collaborative art form,” the letter read.

The 91st Academy Awards is set to air on February 24.

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