As a youth, have you ever traveled in the city in a two-seater black-colored car with your lover while playing high bass music? If so, you can relate to this song. If not, you must try this, at least on a highway or a place with driving cars.

In this song, the singer and songwriter Sayyed Sohel Torvi invites a girl into his two-seater car to travel through the city while telling people to get aside. He is driving the car at a speed of 150 kmph, and his friends are waiting with arms while he brings a red rose for her.

The notion is meant to describe that Indian men are not scared of people interfering in their lives. Instead, they have friends ready for action to fight for the love of their life and even help their friends.

Friendship is a very serious matter in the country, and almost every Indian has a best friend who seeks their goodwill and even looks out against mishappenings. Besides this, women and girlfriends are heart-touching matters in the country.

Sayyed understands all these emotions and expresses love and courage through “High Bass.” Besides this, traveling in a two-seater car with windows down, a girlfriend, and a 2 mm gun is considered a macho act in the country.

Even Indian girls get impressed with dashing men in a two-seater car, even if they carry a golden-colored gun with or without a license. They think that the man is capable of safeguarding them under dire circumstances using the weapon.

Indian women are often confronted with violence and vicious acts of men. So a man who loves women carries a weapon to offer protection during such circumstances. Moreover, the two-seater car represents rich enough and won’t struggle to earn daily wages.

Women feel secure with both of these benefits, and Indian men like Sayyed can truly understand the depth of the situation. The song has depth and even makes you excited when played in a car or a disco.

You can start dancing to the song’s music, even when you are in a silent disco. Listening to music on Spotify will excite you so much that you will stop feeling hopeless or depressed. Even if you don’t listen to the lyrics and play the song, your feet won’t stop dancing to the music.

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