Daredevil David Blaine played out his most recent stunt on Wednesday, climbing almost 25,000 feet (7,600 meters) into the Arizona sky while hanging from a bunch of jumbo-sized balloons before parachuting securely back to earth.

“It’s like magic, it feels like I’m floating in the air,” Blaine said on a radio to his group of helpers back on the ground after tenderly lifting off from a desert airstrip in Page, Arizona, associated with many inflatables in an occasion he called “Ascension.”

YouTube said the stunt, which it livestreamed, set another precedent as the most-viewed YouTube Originals live occasion ever with more than 770,000 watchers.

Blaine bit by bit dropped little loads to speed his climb, wore a parachute mid-flight and tied on a oxygen mask as he approached 24,900 feet, a height where most business carriers travel.

Blaine, 47, has a past filled with performing prominent and high-hazard accomplishments of perseverance.

His stunts remember locking himself for a fish bowl, catching himself in a square of ice for two days in Times Square, and standing openly on a slight, tall column for 35 hours in New York City. Wednesday’s trick endured about 30 minutes.

Blaine delivered himself from the balloon cluster and free-fell to somewhere in the range of 30 seconds before conveying a parachute to slow his drop. “Wow, that was awesome,” Blaine yelled into his radio as he remained back on land.

Blaine has said he prepared for the occasion for a long time, including turning into an authorized pilot.

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