Apple has asked providers start making some of its AirPods and Beats earphones in India as early as next year, as per a Nikkei Asia report Wednesday.

The discussions mark the organization’s most recent attempt to bring down the risk of supply chain disturbances in China because of Coronavirus lockdowns and expanded U.S.- China trade tensions. Apple was supposedly in conversations in August to shift some of its Apple Watches, MacBooks and HomePods to Vietnam, and it declared in September it is assembling some of its flagship iPhone 14 phones in India.

Apple actually depends vigorously on China for most of iPhone production.

Foxconn, one of Apple’s manufacturing partners, will make the Beats earphones in India and endeavor to create AirPods there in the future, as per the report. Luxshare Precision Industry, which makes Apple’s AirPods in Vietnam and China, will likewise assist with AirPods production efforts in India.

Apple has been hoping to increment sales in India, the world’s second-biggest cell phone market. Furthermore, however the organization’s shift to production in India was at first pointed toward expanding sales, it is currently treating the nation more like a strategic production base, as per the report.

India will attempt to attract further investment by spending more than $30 billion on its electronics supply chain, Nikkei Asia said.

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