Alonte manning was born in oak park in Chicago. He is popularly known as Taebeats 13 or tyaego.d. Taebeats is a music producer and also an entrepreneur. He is best known for the music production of king rob and J-$quared. Taebets developed his passion for music at a tender stage, and over the years, he has been able to model it into something extraordinary. It takes desire, drives, and lots of practice to achieve something great, and through that, he has been able to do what he loves most.

Taebets got his stage name from a friend who collected and sold shoes since sixth grade; during that period, the friend was only twelve years old. A good friend is like a four-leaf clover hard to find and lucky to have. It is because of taebeat’s friend that we get to know him with that stage name.


Taebeats13 is a great music producer and is known for producing music for renowned musicians such as King rob and J-$quared. He has been involved with the production of NFNL entertainment, which means No Fear No Life, CDSC, billionaire black, liluzivert (old news) comethazine, vello, and ab- soul.

Taebeats13 has been involved in the production of songs for King Rob, a hip hop and rap artist. After watching King Rob NFNL videos, you can see that the visuals are excellent, and the videos depict the song’s beauty. You can easily stream King Rob songs on sound cloud where you can also purchase a download, which you can listen to any other time you wish. Some of his hit tracks include Watchu on, need it all, hot pressure, and need it all. The music is a favorite for the young generation. Some of the tracks, such as “not a Diss,” have some lyrics; thus, you can sing along as you enjoy watching the video.

Taebeats13 has also been involved in the music production of J- $ squared, who is a well-known Chicago-based artist for hip hop and rap music. Some of J- $ squared hit tracks include heart’s desire, John Doe, Xmas zsn, Christmas vibez, among many others. The music production is excellent, and after watching the videos, the fans are likely to get fully engaged as the videos are of high quality and top-notch. The music location is beautiful, and though some of the songs the videos are done at night, for example, for the “John Doe” song, the music video is vibrant. The music is perfect for young people and can you can access them on sound cloud.

Taebeats 13 is also a member of a writing session in America, which is a national group organization for singer’s songwriters and producers. The organization aims to create excellent music, build a community, educate the members, and generate business opportunities, which is achieved through unique sessions such as video calls. Joining the writing session has enabled him to grow since working together as a group has helped him to learn from the different people how to function as an entrepreneur. The writing sessions enable their members to apply the information learned to upgrade their craft and business. You are assured of excellent results when you work with him in music production and as an entrepreneur.

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Social media platforms.

Social media platforms allow one to reach out to potential buyers and showcase your work quickly. You can easily link up with Taebeats 13/tyaego.d through the following social media platforms. Follow him on his personal and business social media accounts to assist in music production and learn of the various products in shop melleme. Just slide in his DM if you need a collabo.

Instagram: Tyaego.d

Business Instagram: melleme_net

Business website:

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